Sunday, April 4, 2010

Actress Shimla and her drug and sex scandal

Bangla weekly newsmagazine APARADH BICHITRA in its current issue published the first part of it's investigative reports on controversial Bangladeshi film actress Shimla.

According to this report, Shimla is running a huge drug racket in Bangladesh for years. She first enetered the business of selling YABA (a kind of drug) in Bangladeshi cine industry by a drug baron named Amin Huda. Through this business, Shimla became millionaire just in couple of years. Now, she lives in her own apartment at Malibagh (Doctor's Lane) area in Dhaka. She bought this apartment with 7.2 million Taka (US$ 100,000). It is questioned by the Bangladeshi newsmagazine as to how an actress, who does not have enough of movies in hand could manage to buy such expensive apartment and live in highest luxury without valid source of income.

According to Bangladesh's National Board of Revenue, Shimla did not pay her income tax for past few years as she showed no income in those years. Meanwhile Anti Corruption Commission in Bangladesh has started investigating the matter of tax and in come tax evation by actress Shimla. Anti Corruption Commission is also investigating the source of income of this actress as she has deposited substantial amount of money with HSBC Bank in Dhaka.

Major cine production companies in Bangladesh have already excluded Shimla from any of their future films, as she has been well known in the film industry as 'YABA SHIMLA' due to her serious drug addiction as well as drug deal. It is even reported in Bangladeshi press that a senior official with Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) in Bangladesh is giving shelter to Shimla in all her egal activities.

Her own apartment at Malibagh area in Dhaka is known as the center of drug dealings as well during late hours of the day, many of the wealthy people visit her house for taking drugs as well as other types of immoral amusements.

Meanwhile another Bangladeshi newspaper reported that, Shimla is planning to visit India soon for immediate medical treatment as she is suffering of serious sexual disease for past one year. According to Bangladeshi doctors, Shimla is suffering to Gonoria, while in recent blodd test it was revealed that she is suffering from HIV positive.

Shimla's latest 'boy friend', whom she introduces as her 'brother' is making all necessary arrangements for taking her to India for treatment. Her present boy friend, was once a drug addict is also helping her in selling YABA in various areas in Dhaka city.

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